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Tue 07 March 2006

Did a number of bits first thing, but most of the day was spent on firewall layout and positioning. This is a development of our initial ideas, P2 battery in the 'standard' VANs location and the ECUs dotted around.
The challenge with the batteries is to provide enough clear space above so that it can be removed without removing the whole carrier. After more thought the idea of two symetrically outboard locations was considered and looks promising.
This left enough space for either a split left / right configuration of the ECUs or both on one side. On the LHS (P1) side the problem is the fuel line, oil lines and prop cables are all in that area too. Therefore the P2 / RHS is the current preferred option, but with two ECUs the cable route needs a slightly off
This was waht we came up with, the upper ECU is slanted outboard and the main cable passes under the governor control / arm.
The good news is the engine frame still fits and the spark plug cables have access. Time to leave it and re-visit with fresh a mind tomorrow.
Managed to get a little bit of spraying sorted also which was needed to continue the riveting of the bulkhead / roll bar area. 
Carl Morgan