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Thu 16 March 2006

We focused on various bits today, the undercarriage was extracted from storage and taken back apart. The tires needed re-inflating, and re-oiling.
Then the challenge was getting the fuselage high enough, the firewall needs to be about 36" abouve the floor.
Mattituck provided assistance again - the cardboard cover provided a good start lift point.
Once we got the two main axles installed. the outstand work was the cross drilling for the main nut. After reading about Dan C's problems, I was a little nervous about the drilling, I ended up using a long #30 drill to do the upper location.
Then removed the nut and wheel, this meant the angle drill could then be used for the lower location. Ended up working really well, and the tidying of the thread was almost a non-issue.
To finish with, I remounted the engine frame. Nothing too hard, just working around the bolts and tightening everything slowly.
Carl Morgan