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Mon 27 March 2006

The first part of the day for me was spent with more shipping problems. This time it was the NZ carriers organising sea freight rather than air frieght. Another weeks delay on us getting the avionics - gone past frustration. Hopefully all now sorted. 
Back into the shed today, Dad started working with the highvoltage spark plug leads. The supplied leads don't work in the labelled order, but might just about work after a re-organisation. Currently the upper #4 lead is the main concern.
Also being worked on is re-positioning the FAB forward slightly to provide clearance for the nose gear leg. We have some new .063 material, but limited supply so scrap is being used first.
I went back to the wheel fairings, more trimming on both the inboard location where the leg comes out and also around the front / rear edges of the tire.
After getting a rough idea, the inboard bracket locations were marked
Then lots of measuring and checking. The principle is the wheel pants should be in line horizontally with the airflow when the wheels are unloaded. The tip to tail of the fairing should be parrellal to air frame and the distance between the left / right tips / tails should all also be the same. The thing that took a bit of getting our head round was the 'rotation' of the wheel pant around the 'roll axis' of the tire centre. I think we are there, but Dad was busy this evening and it was a good spot to stop - fresh eyes tomorrow.
I finished the day catching up on some of the website words and also working on the pattern template for the stick boots. I've got a small amount of supple leather which should work OK. 
Carl Morgan