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Thu 30 March 2006

Half day today. Started with rivetting all the fairing hinges. Not too bad, the nose leg one is a little more of a problem, some aft edge trimming needed.
Then onto the nose wheel fairing. After drilling out the axel locations to 20mm and remounting we found the tail of the fairing isn't perpendicular - about 1/4" to the LHS. We are not sure if this is 'as designed or wrong, some questions out on the email / VAF groups.
Dad did some measuring and drilling for the wing conduit locations, hopefully the conduit should be able to go all the way into the main fuse.
I finished with more thought and preparation for the cowl / plenum mating. It will need to be a fibre glass structure, getting foam for a mold is proving difficult so I may go back to clay. An AL sheet as a backing plate was cut.
Carl Morgan