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Mon 03 April 2006

I spent for the first few hours today sanding and cleaning up the cowl in lets.
Then we cleared the desks and got the RHS wing out. The plane is to try finishing up what we can and then get it re-mounted. I sorted the lower skin nutplates.
Dad continued with the wing tip lights, working with the template locations.
Finishing the day I looked at the nuts for the fuel pickups. The VANs Service Bulletin suggested drilling and safety tieing of the nuts - although I don't think it is a great engineering solution for the problem, I think it is easier to just comply with it. I was nervous about the drilling of the nuts, but in the end it wasn't too bad. I started with a center drill to get a ~45 degree edge.
Then a #60 drill could be used for the cross drill. I ended up completing both nuts without too much problem.
Carl Morgan