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Tue 02 May 2006

Back to real project today, although I'm not 100% health wise. Looking at the goose neck hinge for the canopy again I'm coming to the conclusion that trimming will be needed and the current plan is not to use the canopy release, still to be confirmed
Canopy went back on cleanly, the forward blended glass looks better than I remember.
The other good news is the proposed MFD / switch layout seems to work OK.
It is getting rather tight in that corner but hopefully the circuit breakers can go on the lower bar and the rest of the switches in the centre section. Note: the EIS and avionics stack won't be on this side - just testing cutting process.
The rest of the afternoon was spent putting the engine frame on and off the fuse and trying the push/pull cables. This location is going to be too close for the prop control, but looks like it should work for the P1 throttle cable.
Carl Morgan