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Tue 06 June 2006

Next up was some further trimming of the cowl gear leg openning, even this is probably not enough.
I then realised the nosewheel fairing was too big and also interfered with the cowl. One problem that we have had was getting the hinge pin in with the fairing 'springing open'. The clamps like this helped greatly and simplified the process significantly.
After multiple small trims it is now much closer to the final configuration. One question I have is how the upper end is fastened.
The bottom of the cowl bracket has a spacer, as I have a line of .032 reinforcing strip on the cowl edges, I've upped the spacer to a single 125 bar.
Dad also had some time on the project, continuing with the throttle bracket bending / shaping.
After getting things aligned he also welded a small gusset to the side of the bracket
Carl Morgan