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Tue 13 June 2006

Finished the rough trimming of the fairings - I should have done some of this yesterday - 'green' cured flass is fine, 2 day old cured is too set. Then brought them in to warm up in the sunshine in the house (Mum's study worked well ;-)
Dad continued with the FAB - still too long, too low and off to the left.
More test drilling, shaping, fitting - I think we have a plan.
I continued with the diffuser - more fixing locations for the AL ring.
Then the spacer to hold the 4" ring in the right location.
Plaster of paris for the bulk shaping, difficult to make it stick 'vertically' but enough once it all starts to set. The plan this time is to make a rough postive and then pour a PoP negative mould (probably in two halves). This will then be used for the glass layup - pros - hopefully will provide the right solution for attachment, cons - the mould will be for the outer surface (which doesn't have air going past it).
Then removed the backer and mould, made a wooden locating support and prep'd for clay. Tomorrow it is clay + release wax, then PoP and see what the result is like......
Carl Morgan