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Mon 26 June 2006

RHS inlet - destroyed the negative mould and extracted the fibreglass. Then went to town with the finger file and knife
Got it to fit roughly - the upper outboard corner is still a bit of a problem, but otherwise looks promising.
More sanding / excess resin removal. One outstanding issue is the alignment between the cowl and inlet ring - I don't think it will be a big problem, probably just sand more from the outboard edge.
Temps got to 4C as a maximum today - not too much of a problem being in it, but air tools and hands get very cold quickly, and resin takes forever to set.
A small amount of glass work was done, this is mainly to hold the outside of the forward ring, plus redo the corners and inboard join where the sanding had removed 'generous' amounts.
Finishing point for today in the shed.
Spent a few hours doing electrical design work for the flaps and trim controls. Also got the HallEffect sensors running on the GRT EIS4000. The Aux4 input seems to be having problems - not sure why yet - hope I don't have a dodgy EIS. 
Carl Morgan