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Wed 28 June 2006

We have come to a convenient point in the panel work where most of the major cuts are done for the components that we have in New Zealand. I've decided to 'install' the stuff that is available and use it for some of the wiring, knowing that we will be removing everything, completing more drilling / layout and then painting before final assembly.
Didn't take as long as expected (about 2 hours) currently using scratch screws / nuts - but everything fits so far. The empty round instrument will be the electric A/H.
The afternoon was spent digging more into the electrics and in particular the GRT EIS4000 unit. After more testing the Aux1 and Aux4 chanels seem to be complete un-usable - some questions have gone out to VAF and GRT.

Update: Got an email from Sandy @ GRT 29/Jun/06 - this is normal for a FADEC version of the EIS - it is a feature.... I wish I had the documentation before I spent 3 hours trying to work it out!

Carl Morgan