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Sat 19 August 2006

Started the day by making a couple of .025 AL rings for future push rod boots. The fuselage skin has two layers with the inner being pressed, so the fixings need to be an extra 1/2 " outside the main cut out.
After some positioning and verification the four locations were drilled out and nutplates jig drilled. Still debating between #6 and #8 screws - probably will end up with #8 for simple consistency.
Then back to the wiring! Jeez it is slow, trying to plan how to get all the cabling from the front panel area through the spar snap bushes to the wings and rear elements. We are getting closer to a plan, but I'm sure it will need tweaking further as we go along.
The main mid-RHS location now has the 5 x audio 3 pair cables plus the GPS1 and COM2 coaxes - tight but works.
Carl Morgan