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Sun 24 September 2006

I finally finished thinking about the switch layout and did the drilling of the lower cross bar.
Also knocked up a couple of backing plates to fix the alignment keys for the switches - this keeps the switches moving up / down (and not off to a strange angle)
This is the current state - seems to work and keep everything in a logical order whilst maintaining spacing.
Looking around for some bits to do, re-checked and trimmed the FAB glass part.
I then went back to hitting my head against the wall known as the exhaust supports. This is a different 'non-intuitive' option - outboard facing ears, this helps provide better clearance in the forward wide of the lower engine mounts. I wish there were some decent instructions for the cross-over exhausts w/ nose gear mounts....
This is a close up - not sure.
This is a third option, slightly further forward on the exhaust - the problem is then multiple bends / tweaks are going to be needed - no simple solution.
Dad continued with the firewall penetrations. The two lower transitions will be for the A & B alternator B leads - in and back from the circuit breakers.
Carl Morgan