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Mon 16 October 2006

Dad completed two UHMW supports for the Hall Effect 'donuts' - these provide the AMP measurement points without the need to have a shunt in the line.
I then got the main panel out and mounted up the GRT MFD screens.
This enabled the start of a cable harness for the GRT components - a large chunk of the afternoon was taken with documentation / planning / organising. This is the back of MFD1 and 2 with the ARINC module in MFD1 (RHS in photo)
Then onto to avionics stack - I mounted the freshly painted side rails and hopefully installed the rack for the final time.
The mounting of the rear plates of the avionics was a bit of bear - very tight / fiddly work.
A 'current' panel photo - just for the hell of it. Begining to look right - some more thoughts on USB and music jack locations.
Carl Morgan