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Mon 20 November 2006

Moving away from wiring and onto something a bit different, we cleared the work tops and the shed in general. Re-attached the lower cowl and started looking at 'the next thing'.
The forward skin panel is being delayed for as long as possible (wiring access) but de-burring and prep can continue. I worked on the skin - I'd forgot about deburring holes.....
whilst Dad worked around the dimpling on the fuselage.
The upper cowl hinge attach is riveted with the skin, but I've decided to use a few locator rivets to ease assembly. Machine counter sunk the piano hinge,
and dimpled the firewall stainless steel. This was then fully cleco'd up and about half a dozen intermediate locations we added for the keeper rivets.
Dad also prep'd the backer plate.

BTW: I'm hearing a rumour that VANs is going to make some form of access panel for the tip ups in this area, it will be interesting to see how he does it - not that I plan to change our solution.

For something different, final couple of hours I spent feathering the 2oz cloth stip on the nose gear fairing. Almost something 'soothing' about coming back to fibreglass sanding!
Carl Morgan