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Tue 21 November 2006

Started by trimming / shaping the VS tip for the VOR puck. This was needed after the AL stiffener plate 'oozed' during flox / riviting.
Dad drilled, cut and terminated the mini-coax for the VOR puck. We used snap bushing top and bottom and will restrain the bottom to stop it bashing the inside of the VS.
I went back to the main gear fairings and feathering of resin / glass.
Put the cowl back on - the most 'complete' the project has looked for a while.
One of the observations was the clearance between the vertical induction filtered airbox and the LHS of the cowl scoop is very tight (< 3/8" - the RHS is ~1") so we will need to relayout / remake the plate again.
I decided my previous attempts for the cowl hing pin covers weren't going to work, so out with the sabre saw and removal of the problem!
Ths part of the new plan - two metal disks, nutplates and covers.
Along with a couple of spacers (washers), the backing plates can be held with the cowl halves mated. I plan to then glass the back in and then re-finish the outer surface with glass / micro balloons.
Carl Morgan