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Wed 22 November 2006

Dad worked on the positioning of the FAB plate. The problem is layout wise getting a balance between the LHS clearance, the space for the filter to fit, the rear edge clearance to the gear leg and the alignment of the front of the throat with the cowl inlet. Basically you can have any two, but not the other 2!
I did some misc trimming of the VS tip and clearance checks on the rudder. Also noticed the tip vs rudder alignment isn't that great, need to come up with a plan for the foam plug onto which the fibreglass gets laid.
I spent the rest of the day looking at the cowl inlet / plenum inlet configurations. Even though it is about generation 4 & 5 I'm coming to the conclusion they aren't going to work so I need a new plan.... I don't mind re-doing things when they aren't right, my problem is finding a new method that I think might work - no point re-doing what didn't previously work!
Very frustrating and a bit depressing - the builders out there will understand, we all have days where the problems just seem a bit big - we will get there, but motiviation is pretty low and worries fairly high. One part that I know I need if I'm going to remake the plenum inlets are the 4 3/8" AL rings - so to do 'something' I made two of them.
Carl Morgan