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Thu 07 December 2006

Big day of fibreglassing today - multiple batches. First up was the cowl pin covers. I laid a couple of 6oz layers and will let it cure properly, then split and build up further.
Then 2oz finishing layers on the lower surfaces of the plenum inlet - left
and right. This side was more problamatic to get a neat solution.
Then oil cooler interior finishing with 2oz, not sure if has all bonded fully, but I can sand out any problem areas later
A little experiement for the FAB recess that is going to be needed for the nose gear leg. Might work, might not - but good prep.
Dad continued to keep cutting glass, whilst I mixed and pasted.
Same sort of prep thinking with the nose gear leg, this might be used for the 'inner' of the upper fairing.
Also added fibreglass / flox reinforcement and brackets on the main gear fairings.
Carl Morgan