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Wed 13 December 2006

The ACS order arrived - very good, ordered Wed 6th Dec, arrived in NZ Wed 13th Dec, and that was after me having to confirm shipping options on the Thr.... Lots of bits and things, worked through the order and confirmed everything was there, then started sorting groups of things.
New toys - the gascolators where one of the main items on the delivery. Made by AndAir they are quality construction.
We are putting one on each side in the wing root fairings. I made two brackets (one left / one right) which hopefully will be usable. The problem is the 'bend' that is needed coming out of the fuselage is very tight but I can't see any other options.
Misc bits to do - IF we go with dual Oil Pres sensors we will need to use a manifold - I made the U bend loop and roughed out some mounting options.
These are the baffle penetrations - they are a two part design (which isn't obvious from the catalogue photos) but the large hole size is 3/4" and the spark plug nuts are 1" - a modification to a plan is needed.
Carl Morgan