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Fri 22 December 2006

Today was getting the wings back on (at least with shop bolts).
The forward tank attaches were a bit of problem but were sorted. At this point we have just laid the main wiring runs through the aft rib holes.
One thing I spotted was the aft wing / fuselage intersection didn't look right. After some more digging I realised I've missed a nutplate location on both sides - Opps.
Dad sorted the RHS duckworks mountings
Whilst I did the access panel nutplates.
Both wings back on - starting to look like a plane!
One thing that has been worrying us was the autopilot cable bundle. We got 25' from Stein, I've maybe 'wasted' 1/2" and we are about 1" to 2" too short on the wing servo! Do yourself a favour - order 26'!
Also got the ailerons mounted, however push rod lengths look very marginal.
Carl Morgan