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Tue 06 February 2007

Continuing with the Decal's process, the laminator / iron still doesn't seem to be getting the white pigment to bond cleanly with the tonner. I'm continuing with the supplied examples / test pieces until I've got a better handle on the problems.
This was one of the better ones, you can see the patches of 'double' white TRF vs the single layer (less dense white). The Sullivan spray glue seems to be working well, although I'm not that keen on the use of wax as a bonding / release agent - it seems to end up on the finished surface which isn't really acceptable for us.
With things progressing OK, I decided to have a go at a couple of custom bits - firstly a nice simple large font ZK-VII and secondly the NZ CAA 'airortiness' (sic) words to advise passengers that they are flying in an 'experimental' aircraft. The white TRF bonded ok, but also left a lot of 'negative' space as well - an air gun seems to help, but still not that clean.
Close up of the problem. Emails off to Frank / others.

Frank replied over night - and confirmed one of the techniques we were using - light tack 3M tape removes the 'negative' areas and leaves the proper areas alone. All part of the learning process.

Carl Morgan