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Fri 16 March 2007

Some trimming of the rudder stops and polishing up.
Now we can get in with the pop rivetting for the forward locations.....
I added a diode to the flap sense link on the AoA.
Dad continued with the ELT beefing up of the rear turtle deck.
It is pretty simple, two lengths of .063 angle across the turtle deck - the CAA requirments are fairly tough - no more than .1" deflection under 250lbs pull in any major axis.
The 406Mhz ELTs have a dedicated warning buzzer on activation, this seems like a good location.
The location before finishing - wiring still to be completed, I'll get a DB15 shell from Stein on the misc clean up order rather than fighting with soldering plugs together.
I sorted a minor outstanding item, mounting up the key switch.
This links the hot bus to the 3rd power input on the GRT AHRS (which means it doesn't loose it marbles when the main busses are off and has time to initialise before start) and also provides power to the starter contactor.
Carl Morgan