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Sun 01 April 2007

Spent some more time on the dual prop / engine controls. This is the dual prop controls - lower location is the P1 side.
This is the custom bracket for the throttle - not sure of which sides make most sense for the P1 or P2 yet - but a detail. New alignment seems to be working well.
These are the new stainless steel arms that Dad has been making - P1 side - we have added a little height and 'kink' to both arms and reduced the distance between the pivot and the clevis pin - this increases the leverage. It is amazing the amount of difference in feel for only a 5mm change in location.
And the P2 side. For information the Prop is 60mm between centers and the Throttle is 66mm. Although it will probably be reduced by 3 or 6mm depending on the travel needed for full throw.
The main work for the day was fairings, including sanding and cleaning up the nose gear intersection.
Also finished drilling and mounting the nose / main sections.
Carl Morgan