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Sat 07 April 2007

I did some rough shaping / sanding of the cowl corners and the plugs look like they should work well. After the concern from yesterday the cowl halves actually split very well. I ran a knife down the break lines and the prized the parts apart - then just an edge that then just needed more tidying and sanding. Slow process but needed.
Also did another batch of micro-balloon resin mix, this time adding a little acetone to help it flow. Surfaced the inside of the filtered air box which had some dry areas and nicks in it and then went onto other fairings.
The turtle deck fairing is strange floppy piece and hard to sand due to all the compound curves. Hopefully the skimming worked ok and I won't have too many ridges.
Meanwhile Dad continued with the rear plates for the spinner. One of the challenges is getting the right location for the gap plate to meet up with the fibreglass spinner.
A second attempt was made and seems to be more promising.
Current state of play - next step is to mate the metal and spinner parts then the final clearance hole for the prop can be finished on the bench.
Carl Morgan