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Tue 01 May 2007

As a small diversion for a couple of hours we did some calibration testing on the FADEC sensors - the CHT / EGT probes provide the engine with key data and that is then passed onto the GRT EIS / avionics.

Using a meat thermometer and a ball of warm / boiling water we tested the probes. I wasn't too worried about absolute accuracy but having everything in sync is more important. We found the CHT were +- 3 degrees F and the EGT seem to be within 5 or so, although hard to test as they are more sensitive with less damping than the CHTs.

Then onto RTVing the plenum entries - new skill / material to learn about. Seems to be a bit like 'thin pro-seal' - but the key is not worry about the excess, just peal it off later once it is dried.
RTV went better than I expected and put it back onto the engine to set over night.
Carl Morgan