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Mon 18 June 2007

I got a selection of resistors and bits for stock.
I decided a temperature control soldering iron was needed - so another chance to buy more tools.....
Then onto the 3x3 LED board - a few extra photos, one for each of the steps.
Top and bottom accete masks.
Attached to glass plate. The actual laser 'soot' is on the bottom surface and therefore in contact with the PCB board.
Expose to light (UV I think is the important bit) - normally for about 14 mins, repeat on second side.
Develop the mask - the white spacers are to help prevent scratching of the lower surface.
Etch in ferric chloride for ~15 mins and you get a base board
Then lots of drilling, mixture of .6mm, .75mm and #60 and #57 used for the components, #33 for the mounting locations. Via's soldered first, then the DIL sockets.
Finished board ready for LEDs - Forward surface / back of board)
Aft surface / front of board.
Then 4 spacers, #4 thread through the center and parted to the right length to keep the LEDs up tight against the plexi-glass surface.
Carl Morgan