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Fri 14 September 2007

Today was the first step on the main wheel intersection fairings. I've been dreading this a bit as I'm still not sure if the DIY option is the best or whether the better solution is to use the fairings inc / VANs pre-made ones or do it like this in situ. I've heard there is still significant work to do with the pre-made one, plus US200+ for a set, so decided to have a go, I can always go back and redo them if I need to.

The first step is to mark up a grid structure on the wheel pants and then start laying clay up for the shape.

It is a very emperical process and lots of 'by eye' judgements.
The other challenge is getting the two side to look something like each other - not easy.....
Then it is a good coat of release wax and start with the glass work.
This time I'm using 9oz glass, will be interesting to see how it goes.
Carl Morgan