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Moving to the airport

Fri 14 December 2007


Sat 15 December 2007

Today was probably the highest stress day in the project to date. Moving from the shed to the airport..... Started the day by getting the fuselage out of the shed and letting the plexi all warm up a bit in the sunshine.
Cowl halves, wing tips, wheel pants all put into the original finishing kit crate and stuffed with paper / packing support
Dad continued with the wing cradle - this is the one that is worrying us the most. Trying to stop the wings rattling up and down / back and forth and putting dents in the skin
We continued with the plastic wrapped wings with more 'monster foam'.
The H/S was the only other item that is too big to move in the car. This was held down on top of the create.
The whole package was then wrapped and banded, ready for the hi-ab truck.....
Pete arrived a bit early so a bit of a last minute rush.... We put a strop round the main engine mount and lifted the fuselage - it was surprisingly tail heavy
The wing cradle was more of a challenge to fit, the lifting handling went well, but physical space was tight.
This was the final gap between the fuselage and the wing skin - 'enough' - just....
The finishing crate was then put on the otherside and the tieing down started.
The lashing down took better part of an hour - slow and careful, to avoid the skins, leading edges and keep gaps between everything - Pete's expereince showed through here.
After a slow 40 km ride to the local airport - everything was rock solid, no movement on anything. We opened up and found our new home for the next few months, should be big enough I reckon ;-)
Yes the whole 15 ton truck is inside the hanger! Unloading was much faster - we set to removing all tie downs.
This is definetly the easy way to move the wing cradle!
All safely unloaded and time to relax a little. A huge relief to be at this point - I'll sleep well tonight!
Carl Morgan