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Sat 17 January 2004

We started the day by finishing the elevator stiffener dimpling. We used the pop rivet pulling method for the two trailing edge dimples on both sides of both skins.
The rest of the dimples were done with the C frame. We then added the elevator skins and parts for the priming pile. Still unsure of the priming order / method so we will move onto something else instead of making a decision :-)
We cleaned and cleared the garage to create some more space to unpack the wings.
The QB wings are well advanced out of the box with relatively little to do to complete them. Today really it was just an inspection and understanding of what we have got. The rest of the afternoon we ended up chatting about which parts we should do next and how we want to mount the wings for storage. I also did quite a bit of reading and research which exhausted the rest of the day.
Carl Morgan