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Sun 01 February 2004

First up today was removing the blue plastic protective coating on the RHS lower wing skin along the drilled holes. Then it was then deburred on both sides and the edges smoothed.
The wing structure was then dimpled. The double thickness areas (end of rib & spare intersections) were dimpled as a single point without any problems.
The skin needed a combination of C frame and pneumatic squeezer dimpling .
The finished skin, back on the wing for safe storage.
As the day of priming draws nearer I engraved all the stiffeners with identification marks. I used the little hobby engraver on a slow / light setting in conjunction with some character stencils to give a good even finish. Not perfect but fit for purpose. These are all going to be hidden anyway.
This slows a close up of the character detail (stencil in the background).
Carl Morgan