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Tue 03 February 2004

First thing this morning the Aircraft spruce order arrived including the pitot and pitot mount plus a selection of solid rivets for stock, that was the good news. The bad news is the pitot had a dent that looks like it was done whilst still in the USA. Obviously I'll need to get hold of Spruce.....
This morning we setup the first primer job. I scuffed all the parts with Scotchbrite and Dad degreased and etched some of the parts. I then hung them up on the painting frame. It duly started to rain (not a common occurrence here) so we were delayed until after lunch for the actual spray.
The parts ready for priming. The rabbit wire fence worked really well at holding all the parts at a suitable angle.
The parts after I changed their colour. The spraying process is (another) new skill for me to learn, the rattle can system works OK but if we end up spraying all the internal priming, I think we will get setup properly with the air line. Being able to move the frame into the sun was useful to help the curing process. Touch dry almost immediately but I'll leave overnight before using them.
Dad did some more work on the wing ribs, dimpling, deburring etc.
I started looking at the Gretz pitot mount. I've chosen to go with the larger combination pitot with dynamic and static sources (these are need for the instruments to know what speed and how high the plane currently is).
Trying to get the reinforcement panel facing directly forward is a bit of challenge, I ended up using the machined template as a reference edge and aligning against the spar.
A little support bracket (outboard side) was fabricated to strengthen the edge of the plate and drilled & dimpled as per normal.
The next step was to create yet more holes in the wing surface. Careful measurement and alignment completed the #19 drill makes it mark. The cutting of the 'funny' shaped hole I'll leave for tomorrow.
Carl Morgan