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Wed 11 February 2004

Dad finished off the left elevator edging and prep work first thing.
Today we transferred the lower wing VS, HS and trim tab skins plus the panel sub structure to the local paint shop that we've been talking with.
The three of us completely scuffed the inner surfaces and masked up the outer surface for protection. Then we cleaned and etched before Alodining the surfaces.
The wing surface were also scuffed, etched and alodined. The various parts will be primed and baked by the guys tomorrow. Hopefully we will pick them all up on Friday.
Today has been a bit bitty, but sucessful and we learnt / saw how the pros do the paint prep. For misc entertainment I've also sorted a couple of additional pages as background to the project. The first is on current thoughts about engine choices and the second is a non-technical primer on some of the terminology used 
Carl Morgan