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Thu 19 February 2004

I was on my own for the majority of the day so I worked through assembly of the wing braces.
Both lines of rivets for the aileron braces are easy to get to with the squeezer.
The flap braces can also be squeezed for the skin side, but with the quickbuild wing the call out for the spar rivet line is for cherry max and blind rivets. This seems fine for areas where access is restricted but for some of the rivets a simple squeezer can be used. Therefore I decided to only use the blind rivets where absolutely necessary.
The cherry max rivets are very 'clever' blind rivets with two separate 'breaks' and are used to replace solid rivets in structural locations.
The finished product doesn't look as good as a solid rivet but it is functional. If I was doing it again, I would probably buck these three rivets.
I then went down the reset of the flap brace blind rivets, although the mid point and outboard locations were done with solid rivets.
Then it was back to the horizontal stabiliser. I riveted the inner front rib to the front spar.
And the end rib to the spar.
Dad joined me after dinner and we completed the bucking on the mid rib on the right hand skin.
We then cleco'd up the front spar onto the skins and blind riveted the spar to mid web / ribs.
By the end of the evening we had finished the spar to lower skin surfaces. Upper surfaces tomorrow.
Carl Morgan