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Tue 16 March 2004

Dad spent some time sorting the band saw into the vertical table position. Some modifications were need to the table.
Dad then moved onto forming non- 90 degree corners on AL angles. The easiest method he sorted was just to squeeze or stretch the AL in a vice, lots of leverage.
Then the normal fabrication type stuff, drill, cut debur, scotch brite etc.
I started the day finishing the battery box. The AD 426 rivets went in fine, although I used -5 rather than the -4 call outs. I found the holes in countersunk brackets were slightly enlarged so the extra rivet material helped.
Once the main box was riveted together the top brace could be finished. 6 lightening holes were marked out.
And the rotorbroach drills made a really neat job of the holes. Although these are quite expensive they are useful as they can also be used in hand held drills (not something you would want to try with a hole saw / fly cutter - unless there is no other option).
The finished battery box, I then cleco'd it back onto the firewall just to keep it out of the way.
The rest of the day I spent working on canopy bits. Lots of fabrication / cleaning up parts. Several of the DWG 24A parts need to be trimmed.
The band saw combined with the sabre saw got everything into shape.
Then it was the normal edge, debur smooth etc....
We took 20 mins out this afternoon to finish the seats with the C-Frame. End result looks good. I'm trying to see a local upholstery guy about the cushions over the next week.
Then it was back to the canopy pivot blocks. Lots of careful marking and layout then a few drills.
After diner I drilled the hat section on the forward side of the mid support. I drilled the lower and then match drilled the top locations in the centre of the mid section. This then meant the rest of the match drilling was simple.
The parts mocked up together. The inner forward supports need to be drilled first thing tomorrow and the mid forward support may need re-drilling, I think it may be a little low we will see.
Carl Morgan