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Thu 18 March 2004

Today was a particularly mixed day. I started by visiting a local upholster and discuss options for the seat cushions. Looks like a good solution.

I then returned and did 'bits' for the day. Partly due to interruptions throughout the afternoon and partly just because I've been struggling to find things to focus on until the new fuselage arrives. I ended up going back to the old favourite of filing, edge smoothing and finishing of any parts that haven't already been done.

I got bored after a couple of hours so then I started looking again at the flap actuation assembly. After more investigation I found several parts that could be worked on.
First simple bit was the flap push rods. Cut and then drill / tap the ends. Takes a while but another thing ticked off the list ready for priming.
I also did some of the brackets and motor support components. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.
Carl Morgan