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Thu 09 December 2004

My job for the day was sorting the flap push rods. The first step is to drill out the rivet location on the underside.
The first guess was based on information from Dan C site. In the end the side shape was pretty close but the lower shape was out and had to be worked on imperially.
Then it was scary tool number 2 - Rotary burr. Normal principle, lots of little changes, then testing and then a little more change.
The shape took quite a long time to refine. One problem was until I got close to the final shape I couldn't mount the push rod and get full up or full down flap position.
Dad continued with the gear weldments and trying to get everything to fit / pull down properly against the spar.
This is the final shape I ended up with. It may still need extending forward / inbound slightly but this is the minimum.
Dad then took the scotch-brite wheel to the rear edge of the undercarriage mount.
Once I got the access hole the right type of shape. The next step was trying to sort the range of travel.
I tried adjusting the screw thread both ways, but ended up with almost the minimum length possible.
Dad continued with the spar / weldment alignment.
The lower inboard bolts are particularly difficult as the floor stiffeners and weldment.
The next step was to take the shape and duplicate it to the LHS
This took a small fraction of the time as I had an template to work from. By then end of the day both flaps were rigged and could be driven to both extremes. Using the flap motor end stops with travel was from 10 to 55 degrees. 45 degrees is 5 more than standard VANs specs so I guess I'll need a stop of some type, not sure how yet.....
Carl Morgan