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Fri 17 December 2004

I started with more triming of the RHS wing tip.
Sorted the upper and lower brace strips for the LHS tip. Only drilled to #30 at this point, we are looking at another Avery tool order which will include some more 'black' clecos. Then the #28s (or whatever is needed for a #6 screw) can be match drilled on the wing, tip and brace.
Next up was the RHS tip drilling, #40 first then #30s.
The final step was the top and bottom brace strips for the RHS tip
Dad continued with the HS mounting. Fabricating and drilling the forward spar spacers
All holes were drilled off the fuselage against the HS and then all mounted as one assembly.
All mounted up, re-checking the angles / distances everything looks fine. Just got to work on the incidence angle. The tooling holes aren't level 'out-of-the-box' so a bit more thought may be needed. I think probably just mounting the rear spar 1/16" higher should fix it, will look again tomorrow.

Early finish as some garden clean up needed for Christmas - rent of a kind :-)

Carl Morgan