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Thu 23 December 2004

First up we worked on the VS alignment, everything looks good, although the rear angle was slightly forward of the reference 90 degrees.
All the alignment comes from the rear bulkhead doubler.
We back drilled through the reference locations in the angle bracket
and then 3/16" from the back forward.
We added the 'precision' washer on the left rear spar, and the front moves 1/4" to the left......
The problem is with the rear brackets in a single straight line the forward (recently trimmed spar) is now about 1/4" too short..... An email to VANs to find out the 'best' solution.
Whilst I was in the UK I got the old VANs supplied Andair fuel valve changed for a female lower port (rather than the male original) and also got two banjo fittings for it. You can see the difference between the banjo and the angle. The Andair guys were great. A well travelled fuel valve - before first flight.
Dad sorted the brake line routing for the P1 / P2 link.
and I started to look at the forward cockpit layout. I also remade the valve cover plate (without the bend).
I also continued work with the custom cover plates for the forward deck to provide better access to the instrument area.
Carl Morgan