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Fri 24 December 2004

I started with the tunnel cover plate. The Z bracket needed some more shaping and the base drilled for the nutplates.
The top plate needs a set for the floor panels. The set angle was just perfect, but it was in the wrong place!
I therefore remade the top plate (and a little larger) and fitted it. Ready for dimpling / counter-sinking.
Meanwhile Dad was working on the forward section of the cockpit and the covers.
Everything gets mounted via a few nutplates.
The 'top-hat' for the fuel pump, match drilled.
Then we started tidying for Christmas. A full sweep-out and clean.
and the wings both back on.
This time the 'persuasion' needed was slightly less than last time.
Then Dad got to continue fighting with the gear weldments!
Dad worked his way round the various nut / bolts and started trying to pull them all up. We decided to use 'real / new' nylock nuts (for the non-spar bolts).
I did the match drilling for the lower wing skin nutplates.
We also got the Avery misc order from last week. some extra clecos and other bits.
Carl Morgan