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Sun 02 January 2005

We had a half today on the project, (some R&R first thing) and decided to have a look at the undercarriage mounting.

First up we tried using the main gear weldments for the strop but couldn't get enough elevation of the fuse.

After moving the hoist point forward to the main engine mounts, and removing the wheels from the gear legs, everything fitted.
Wheels on, supporting its on weight, however as the fuse / empennage is only a small fraction of the total completed weight the gear legs don't "bend much" and therefore is pretty useless as a platform for working on.
But before we removed the legs, we started bending the brake lines that go down the gear legs into the brake callipers.
Tube work is very new to me, however Dad has some background experience, first thing was using a flat surface to 'un-roll' the coil.
I used a old pulley along with a bending spring, the basic shape is nearly a full 360 circle.
The right leg solution worked well, although the 'loop' is a little larger than I might like.
The left leg was much better, yet again second time easier than the first. We will worry about the upper junctions tomorrow.
Carl Morgan