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Thu 13 January 2005

First up, we de-rigged the VS / rudder and re-stored.
Also I finished some of the de-burring of various forward cockpit supports.
The rear upper fuse skin needed the support panel back riveted.
And the pitch servo mount plate.
The forward tank attach bracket needed to be held with keeper rivets, the problem is access for the bucking bar. Some modification of a stock bucking bar and polishing sorted a custom solution.
Then we moved onto the fuel vent line, the tank inlet position is a compromise between aft enough to clear the wing fairing and forward enough to clear the angle.
Then it was the fun and games of bending the vent lines. These are known as a real PITA although we only had a couple of false starts. The key seems to be the first bend, it needs to be as tight as possible and then go from there.
The top corner / other bends I used a old pulley and the bending spring which seemed to work well.
Obviously two sides, the second one worked slightly better.
The product of 6 hours work - two pieces of bent tube - ready for installation (or scraping :-)
Then we moved to wings and conduit locations. Dad made a template jig and we used a long #30 drill.
Then opened to 3/4" with the uni-bit.
The long 12" reach option as needed.
Carl Morgan