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Wed 19 January 2005

Delivery of bits and bobs from Aeroware in Auckland
Dad continued with the canopy latch system. The 'ball handle' has a taper slot which was a little problem to sort. Then drill and fix as instructed.
I continued with the cockpit panel fittings. The air vents needed some brackets made and the plastic supports and vents needed trimming / shaping.
The upper panel supports were no problem, however the lower brackets were difficult to drill.
I ended up using #40 pilots from measurements and marking and then back drilling with the angle drive and #30s.
The final combination of panel supports and air vents. The side brackets haven't been drilled to the skin yet.
I then went back to the canopy gooseneck system and finished drilling the 1/4" locations for the pins. Also did some clean up work on the P seal brackets - fiddly and boring!
Dad finished all the prep for the canopy latch along with a custom filer for the aft end. This provides a stop for the catch and hopefully might reduce the air / rain exposure a little also.
To finish the day I sorted the conecting rod between the door latch and rear canopy latch weldment, just cut, drill and tap.
Carl Morgan