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Fri 21 January 2005

First up I re-match drilled the inboard upper supports. The latch mechinism works fine however the panel bushing is too tight so a new solution will need to be found.
Then the crank arm was opened up to 1/4".
Dad did a load of prep on the pile of parts for priming. The wind wasn't helping so the actual spray will be delayed. (Only tomorrow left before I have to start packing up for the UK)
I went back to the canopy frame structure. Lots of reading, lining up and trying to understand how it all goes together.
Then dimpled and riveted the outer braces to the main panel / firewall supports.
To finish up the day we spent some time looking at the goose-neck hinges and skin alignment. With the AL blocks in the gooseneck hinges there is a 1/16" gap, without it everything can pull up really close. I guess some trimming is going to be needed.
Carl Morgan