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Tue 04 October 2005

I started the day with some more 'super-dimples'. This is one of the canopy frame reinforcements - the system worked well after I sorted a scrap tie for the front cut edge.
Then I went on to mounting the forward edge of the braces. The centre section is easy.
However the outboard braces are a little more interesting. The general approach was to sort the two end locations, then work the very middle and then work out from there. Some trimming of the ends and inter-space was needed, but generally it was pretty good out of the box. I didn't drill the skin locaitons at this point in time.
Then it was more cleaning, deburring, edging and prep'ing. The weather today was too windy for spraying so we just continued building the pile of parts.
Also prep'd parts of the canopy frames. All slow and steady progress.....
Carl Morgan