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Wed 26 October 2005

Dad finished off drilling / dimpling the P1 side first thing.
I squeezed a few nutplate locations and misc bits.
Then it was back to black goo (Pro-Seal) for the plenum structure. Lots of masking / prep.
We are getting better with Pro-Seal generally, I now use masking tape to protect / get a clean edge of the black stuff. Dad did the application again and I did the squeezing.
Resultant pile of new bits. The top centre section we are doing in two sessions, otherwise the plenum is pretty much done. I let the Pro-Seal set for a couple of hours and then cleaned the masking tape up before it hardened.
Otherwise today the weather really started to improve, the next few days look a bit windy, but temperatures are rising which means that we can start thinking about the canopy - what fun! 
Carl Morgan