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Tue 01 November 2005

We continued with the canopy layout / marking. Using a couple of side rails to help hold the long sides helped keep the shape.
I decided to get a little more ambitious than usual as the experience of plexiglass cutting for the nav-lights lens means that I would rather make few cuts closer to the right location from the start. The plan is to cut back to just infront of the duck lip along the front curve.
And on the rear a simple trim of the mould holding. More careful masking and alignment. The process is to fold back the plastic protective cover and then tape back down with masking tape - the idea being that after the cut the plastic is still 'attached' and the dust is on the outside.
I also made two templates for the rear .025 support strip. Hopefully a single 'washer' for each side.
Then with the weather not really warm enough (about 21C), and too much wind, I moved onto something else. 
The flap motor requires a safety wire, which in turn requires a small drilled hole outside the lock nut. This was the result of the first attempt - OK but very thin material left and a bit small after review.
Therefore I made a second location. This time I used a two step process, the first drill (about 2mm) was square to the face that the lock nut goes on. This provided enough of a 'flat' surface for the 1mm drill to not bend / slip.
The result - looks good, another thing to add to the pile of ready to top coat and install parts.
Carl Morgan