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Fri 04 November 2005

The weather was poor (cool and windy) so some thinking about the rear window, but no actual trimming / work.
Dad was also away today, so I pottered around doing bits. One thing on the list has been the 'nuts' for the quadrant friction controls. Basically we need 2 captive threaded sections that can be flush with an outside surface. Fairly simple contraction; got some stainless steel, put a stepped ridge on it of the right size, and centre drilled it on the lathe.
Then removing the chuck from the lathe and putting it on the pillar drill made 3 outrigger locations for keeper rivets.
Countersunk for the dimpled surface.
Taped a 10-32 thread in the center.
And then parted about 1/4" off. Then repeat for the second side.
Carl Morgan