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Sun 06 November 2005

One of our concerns is the amount of 'curve' in the upper rear section of the window. If the front and back locations are pulled down everything looks OK, however if we can remove any of the pressure it would be good. Our guess is the plexi will relax over time in the sun, but that isn't going to help in the sort term.
I removed more of the protective plastic and re-masked closer to the skin line ready for marking.
Then with the skin on and window in we remarked the skin line.
Over lunch we let everything heat up and kept some pressure on the areas we wanted to 'flatten'. Probably no different, but doesn't hurt and makes us feel slightly better.....
Then marked a line 3/4" back from the skin line. Slightly larger than 'plans' but I would rather keep a bit of extra edge distance and material at this point. Not easy to mark, and harder than the main canopy split to cut. Very complex / compunded curves, trying to get it smooth and even was hard. The belt sander worked well again for cleaning up / smoothing the edge and then the funny plastics scraper to the 90 degree corners off. Quite a bit of work, but came out good.
The trimmed window back in the fuselage. All looks good and we marked two reference locations at the centre rear location. Things were starting to cool so we decided to stop before any drilling - tomorrow is looking good weather wise. No point in pushing our luck.
Carl Morgan