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Sat 26 November 2005

Second time round is always quicker - this time I knew roughly what I was aiming at. Four large holes later in the steel battery box and filing etc.
Plus alignment of the brackets - a better way.
Countersink (generously) and rivet. I haven't decided yet which way round the second battery will go - the firewall layout may dictate a specific orientation. Therefore I've left off all the nutplates for the moment.
Next I continued with the crotch strap mounting points. We need to modify the standard VANs kit to get the extra width for both the mounting bush and the webbing thickness.
I drew up the applicable area in CAD and laid out the 'right' locations for the upper nutplates - the problem is the edge distance is too small, so a re-jig was needed. The end result is the strap comes about 1/8" forward of the centre of the floor pan hole.
Then rigged the aft P2 plate and drilled / cleco'd with the angle drill. The next stage needed two spacers of 7/16" - so the last part of the day was spent sorting that.
Dad was busy with other stuff, but did sort the nutplates for the rear access panels and some inventory / sorting type stuff.

Early finish for both of us - social commitments.

Carl Morgan