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Wed 04 January 2006

A partial day with other commitments this afternoon. Continuing with the rudder tip / tail light - I removed the screws without a problem first thing and started trimming / tidying the semi-cured resin / silca mix.
Everything looked good, but I could see a crack on the lower screw location - this is where I tried removing the screw before it was set yesterday - BAD idea. I ended up removing more flox and managed to extract the cracked bit, this was then cleaned up and prep'd for more silica.
Whilst I was in a fibreglass mode, I got the elevator / rudder control surfaces out and used the first half of the resin mix for the silca / tail light mount and the second half for micro-balloons for the surfaces.
I ended up doing both sides of the rudder and lower surface of the elevators, tomorrow - more sanding.....
Carl Morgan