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Tue 10 January 2006

Continuing with the VOR antenna mount I needed a AN3 nutplate jig. We didn't get the larger versions so I spent a bit of time making acurate steel templates, these can be used with a bolt for locating.
Once we confirmed the bracket would work for the mounting, I started modifying the fibreglass tip.
With the weather improving and almost no wind I masked up the canopy frame with masking tape.
We lightly scuffed the frame with 400 grit paper.
And then de-oxidine and left to dry. Drying the frame completely was tricky, compressed air to help drive out water was useful as per usual.
Then it was prime anything that hadn't already been primed, followed by top coat.
Rather frustratingly I had problems with the top coat, it was patchy and difficult to work with. The problem seemed to be the flow of paint, I ended up with some light orange peel on the rear of the frame hoops and very light (/ rough surface) in the rear corners. We will review tomorrow once I've had a sleep. The cause was two fold, firstly somewhere we ended up with some contaiments in the mixing process - however these were traped by the mini-filter. The bigger problem was the top air vent had become blocked and we think that was the cause of the drop in supply flow. Someting learned for the cleaning process - just rather frustrating that it happened now on a visible bit.
Carl Morgan